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Skamper-Ramp for Pools

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Product Description

The problem with water hazard is very real but equally preventable.  When a pet or other animal jumps or falls in the water, they can swim for a while (some more than others) but, without a way out, they can drown from exhaustion brought on by panic or fatigue. The fact is, pools are perilous for pets and no pool owner wants anything to drown in their pool, whether it is a critter or, more especially, a pet that is considered an important part of a family! Though some drownings occur by day, they occur most often at night leaving the pool owner or lakefront resident with that cruel surprise of a dead pet or animal floating in their pool or pond.

If a pool fence or door is left open, if there is no protective fence or cover, or if no one is around to hear an alarm when an animal gets in, what then? No matter how careful you are, there is always the possibility that something can happen.

In the case of vinyl-lined pools, one of the more expensive things to replace or repair is the vinyl liner. And this is especially frustrating when the damage was caused by a frantic animal trying to escape from drowning! What can prevent this occurrence? Leaving a Skamper-Ramp installed to make sure no critter is trapped and punctures your liner.  
Skamper-Ramp is a  passive water safety device designed to help animals get out of the water more easily because they can do so on their own, 24/7.    This new Skamper-ramp is a blowmolded version and a much stronger, higher quality design and provides a safe, less stressful way for any size pet to exit a pool or walled pond on a daily basis, rather than just emergency use.  Regular and Super Skamper-Ramps are easy to assemble—snapping together with fewer parts than the original versions. The side wings are engineered to prevent the ramp from going vertical more than 30 degrees when an animal is climbing out of the water. Skamper-Ramp gives pet owners and animal lovers another layer of protection for their animals -- providing them with a way of safeguarding against unnecessary pet-panic in the water or death due to drowning.
SKR4- Skamper-Ramp - is blowmolded, white chemical and UV-resistant, recyclable phlyethylene.  It is lightweight, robust and its three parts snap together for the easiest possible assemble.  It comes with rope, stainless steel D-ring clips and nylon washers for attachment.  This ramp is designed for frequent use and emergency escape.  Small to mid-sized pets and most wild animals as well as emergency use.  Particularly useful for vinyl-lined pools and multi-pet households with smaller pets.  $59.99 SKR4 Weights and Measurements
Skamper-Ramp®-SKR4: 4.0 lbs(1.8 kgs) boxed and 2.75 lbs(1.25 kgs) when assembled at Skamper-Ramp, assembled - 26" x 13" x 5" SKR3 -
Super Skamper-Ramp® - SKR3 is the redesigned blowmolded ramp that is the largest, strongest version of the Skamper-Ramp water escape ramp. Int'l patent pending. Super Skamper-Ramp has fewer parts - it snaps together easily - but still needs to be mounted to your deck or tied to a rail, dock cleat, pool anchor, etc.. For frequent use by any size animal, and particularly for large animals up to 200+ lbs, to get out of a pool, or any size dog to get back on most docks, out of a canal or waterway with bulkhead and into many boats. Designed to protect vinyl-lined pools from tears caused by animals clawing at the side trying to get out of the water.  $79.99 SKR3 Weights Super Skamper-Ramp® - SKR3 - 5.95 lbs (~ 2.7 kg) boxed, and  4.75 lb (2.2 kg) when assembled.
The ramp comes complete with nylon rope, nuts, bolts, and wing strips. Also includes complete with installation instructions.
Not recommended for soft-sided-vinyl, above-ground, non-permanent structures. 
Super Skamper-Ramp, assembled - 42" x 13" x 6.5"     (106 cm x  33 cm x 16 cm)           
Skamper-Ramps are 100%
100% Green and have been approved by the American Pet Association (APA).
  • Green!! Because it is recyclable, and eco-friendy
  • Chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant (can be installed in pools, oceans, lakes, and out in pure sunshine, or in freezing cold),
  • Light and robust (has a very high weight-to-strength ratio, meaning that a very light piece of plastic can hold a few magnitudes times its own weight)
  • Rugged and unbreakable (it may bend and not look so pretty, but it won't break, and is viable for other animals even after bending under as large one)
  • 1-year warranty against product manufacturer defect (this does not include problems due to improper installation).
  • Will work for most any size pet or animal, even up to 200 lbsBlown molded polyethylene.
  • Will hold up to 200 pounds.
  • Will not yellow.
  • Will not grow barnacles.
Dogs are the only animals that have to be trained to use the Skamper-Ramp! Cats, ferrets, rabbits, possums, frogs, snakes, even spiders all go to it instinctively  

Product Videos

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Check out my website for my info!!!Don't let animals drown in your swimming pool! Every pool owner needs one! Can be used with docks and boats too. Skamper-Ramp is an escape ramp: a means of preventing animals and pets from drowning. It is truly a K.I.S.S.—"keep it simple solution"—to a very major problem. Easy to assemble,lightweight,strong and inexpensive.http://celestialstarkennel.com/pages/skamperramps
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Warranty Information

Please consider this purchase carefully, Skamper Ramp accepts returns for product failure due to manufacturer defect only. Skamper Ramp offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty against product defect. This is why we ask you to complete the warranty - either on line or using the warranty card that comes with your ramp. This product must be returned in its original packaging, with all component parts. There is a $5.00 restocking fee and we do not refund shipping costs.

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