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Power Paws Advanced Reinforced Toe Dog Socks Blue

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Product Description

Power Paws no slip socks for dogs have many uses for preventing your older or senior dog from sliding on slippery floors (their primary use), to paw protection for wounds or from very hot or very cold (snow or ice) surfaces, protecting your hardwood floor from scratches and fashion.  Because Power Paws are dog socks not dog shoes, they are easier to care for and frequently more comfortable for many dogs.

The size and weight chart below will help you choose the proper size. CLICK ON THE PAW SIZE GUIDE TO HELP WITH MEASURING YOUR DOG'S PAWS  Please also try our printable paw sizing guide – just print and place your dog’s paw on thepage to see what size you need.  Be sure to print at 100% for accuracy.

Size/Weight/Breed guide based on averages. Example, a 45# Basset Hound often wears an XL, not M as weight suggests.  Power Paws look small, but do stretch a lot, and a loose fit will slide around the foot and not provide traction! Each package contains 4 socks

 Power Paws may appear too small at first. They are designed to stretch. If the size is right, the elastic will stretch and Power Paws will stay on when playing, climbing stairs, walking, etc. A proper fit is a snug, stretched sock allowing the elastic to hold the sock in place. If the sock is too small, you will not be able to get it on. If the sock is too large, it will turn (so the grip ends up somewhere other than the bottom of the sock), or it may fall off completely.

Please be aware that these are guides, and not guarantees. Just as people of the same size and weight don’t necessarily have the same size feet, dogs of the same breed and approximate weight do not necessarily have the same size feet. *Note: If the size is not right, we will exchange it. Please call customer service at 800-452-1805 for details and exchange instructions.

Power Paws can be used for traction help for senior dogs, you may need just one pair for the back paws, or your dog may need traction on all four paws.  Power Paws give dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis the power to stand, the power to go and the power to stop.

If your young, middle-aged or aging dog runs through the house and skids on your floors, you should put Power Paws on all four feet.  This is also useful for dogs that have lost the confidence to walk on hardwood floors.  Power Paws make movement easier, increasing your pet's quality of life.

To protect against scratches on hardwood floors, Power Paws should be put on all four feet.  Refinishing hardwood floors is expensive and time consuming.  Prevent nail marks with Power Paws.

As a Fashion accessory, definitely put Power Paws on all four paws.  All dogs enjoy looking good and some dogs dress up daily.

For outdoor use, Power Paws have proven to be quite useful in summer and winter conditions.  For winter snow or ice, we suggest spraying Power Paws with a couple of coats of waterproof spray. Let them dry completely, then enjoy the outdoors with your dog!  For summer conditions, even the hottest pavement does not affect the grip, and the sock is thick enough to protect paws from heat.  Power Paws dog socks are  machine washable.

To protect wounds on paws, just put one Power Paw Sock on the injured paw or on all four paws for consistency.  Power Paws are so soft and comfortable, dogs tend to leave them and the affected foot alone.  You may be able to remove the e-collar from your dog's head (a benefit for dog and owners!). Several vets and pet owners have achieved favorable results

As you know, smaller dogs and breeds without much hair/fir are prone to being cold, especially in the winter!  Indoors both tile and hardwood floors can be cold to stand on.  Outdoors there's cold sidewalks, stone paths, and for many of us, snow, ice, and frost!  Power Paws provide a layer of insulation against cold surfaces.   Put your fingers in them and see how warm they can be. For snow, ice and salt applications, spray the socks with a couple of coats of Scotchguard or similiar waterproofing spray.  Not only will your dog NOT suffter frostbite, snow clumps or ice cuts or salt in the wounds, his feet will be warm and dry too!!

To help prevent your dog from slipping in moving vehicles, mobile homes, RV;s and boats, Power Paws help to give dogs stability and grip.  On a boat they also protect the teak floors from scratches.

Power Paws dog socks, like your socks, were designed for indoor use.  Power paws are designed for comfort.  The cotton material used for Power Paws is light and soft, even dogs who hate having things on their feel are not bothered by them!  The special traction blend will not get hard and does not contain grit.  The elastic stretches to keep them in place.  They also provide airflow around your dog's feet and are machine washable!  Power Paws are also eco-friendly (made only of cotton and elastic). 

Power Paws are the opposite of dog shoes.  Power Paws are light, comfortable and breathable. Shoes are Heavy, not fitting well and they breed bacteria because they don't breathe.  Power Paws are made of elastic and cotton for comfort and fit, they are machine washable, and the conform to the dog's foot.  Shoes are hard, they often stink from the bacteria growing in them and the don't fit well.  Power Paws use elastic  to stay in place.  Shoes rely on buckles, belts, and Velcro to stay on and dogs do not like those.  Power Paws really are the opposite of shoes, even in the fact that dogs adapt to them quickly and dogs like them!!

size-guid-button1.jpg        size-guid-button1.jpg

SMALL BREED                   LARGE BREED

XXS Less than 12# - breeds like Chihuahua, Maltese, MiniPin 
XS 12-25# - Small Terrier Breeds, Yorkie, Silkie
S 25-45# - Poodle, Small Bulldog breeds
M 45-75# - Large Terrier Breeds, Larger Bulldog Breeds
L 75-95# - Labradors, Boxer, Pinchers
XL 95-130# - Shepherds, Rottweilers, Basset Hounds



130-180# - Great Dane, Burnese Mountain Dog

180+# - St. Bernard, Bull Mastiff

Therapy professional and clinics are making Power Paws a vital part of their services.  Dogs getting into, or out of therapy pools benefit from traction, dogs with ton muscles and artheritis are also benenfiting from the traction and mobility.  And the PT uses aren't limited to dogs!  Our socks have been used by wildlife therapists using Power Paws on a bald eagle, squirrels, racoons, horese, and so many other animals.

Click here for Uses and Applications for the Power Paws



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